Why a Villa Stay?

December 27, 2010
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A villa stay, specifically an Icon Villas stay, provides guests with a few extras that hotels – no matter how luxurious – can’t possibly offer.

The most important extra is the incredible privacy. You can’t get more private than a villa stay. Then there is the extra space for entertaining, the ability to completely relax knowing that housekeeping isn’t going to turn up at the most inappropriate moments and – of course – the chance to really connect with those you’re traveling with.

A villa stay is intimate in all the ways a hotel stay can never be. What’s more is that villa rental, even the luxurious kind offered by Icon Villas, usually works out at a fraction of the cost of a hotel in the same luxury category.

So the question shouldn’t be, “Why a villa stay?” It should be, “When can I book my Icon Villas stay?”