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January 4, 2011
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Ever wondered which famous actors, actresses and socialites stay in villas? Well we definitely have! We were impressed by just how many of our favourite celebrities constantly opt for a villa over a hotel stay.

Halle Berry – our best Bond girl to date – is a big villa fan. Most recently she opted for a luxury villa stay during her visit to Cape Town. We’d expect nothing less from this always-gorgeous movie star and mother!

Brangelina, everyone’s favourite celebrity couple, choose to stay in sensational villas wherever they travel in the world. They have just rented a beautiful villa in Budapest, Hungary. With ten bedrooms it is just big enough to house their growing family!

Crooner James Blunt, supermodel Kate Moss, designer Jade Jagger, actress Penélope Cruz and socialite Paris Hilton who all share a love of the party scene – are regulars at a selection of luxury Ibiza villas.

If these stars, and their decision to consistently choose villas over hotels, are anything to go by luxury villas really are everything they’re cracked up to be.