Melissa Sanderson

Escape to a Villa

April 3, 2010
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Perhaps it’s the views- a lush and verdant garden a cool Zen courtyard or a sparkling cityscape strewn below your feet like a jeweler’s treasure chest…

Like to escape with friends to a luxuriously styled beach villa? Or reconnect with your children surrounded by nothing but an ancient and untouched wilderness? Walking into a spacious, carefully decorated villa that brims with plush opulence is something every traveller longs for.  A private getaway for you and your loved ones, at you own pace and time. No routine- just pure relaxation and you get to set the tone and time.

Renting your very own self catering villa is a great way to experience local life… giving you a sense of the culture in Southern Africa. Beach villas, safari villas, remote stays, city sanctuaries, exciting golf villas…

Staying in a villa opposed to a guest house or hotel allows you the luxury to entertain family and friends at your leisure… You are not in the buzz of a hotel , sharing the space with numerous other paying guests…
Most villas have a specific character that set them apart from a normal home. Because only when you live it do you experience it its best.

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