Create a Autumn Villa at home…

April 29, 2010
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Nothing compares to having a sanctuary that we all desire to come home too after a demanding day at the workplace. With the introduction of the seasons change we realised it is time for the winter comforts to come out.

We consulted interior designer Margaret De Villiers on how to transform our homes into a comfy winter villa without exceeding the budget.

As we witness the transformation in the gardens outside we also want to bring the changes in our interiors.
Fill your imagination with the desires you have for your autumn home, words like: warmth, sensuous, sumptuous, comfort, reflective, peaceful, lushes and textured comes to mind
Then put together your autumn interior within your budget.

A great first step is changing the fragrances in your house, smells like cinnamon and sandalwood could replace the summer sea breeze and lemon fusions.

Move your artwork and accessories around. Hang the warmer colour artworks in the living areas if you do not have loads of art pieces to go around you can swop out with friends or family. Have a season trade to enjoy something new in your home.

Pack away the cool summer toned coloured scatters. Replace them with more substantial scatters in colours like browns, oranges, purples, olive green, gold and reds. Always add different textured scatters to create depth and added luxury textures like Velvet, knitted wool (which you can do yourself)  or chenille are always favourites. The lushes throws come out of it’s summer hiding place and onto the beds and couches- fabrics  to try for these are tartan, faux fur , mohair or wool.

Transform the bare floors by throwing down a carpet under the dining room table or coffee table to add extra tactile texture.
Adding a freestanding lamp or table lump to any area of your home can create instant ambiance.

Great coffee table décor is groupings of thick candles and bowls of nuts Add vases with autumn coloured leaves and berries.

Put your home together with a lot of love and careful thought to create the comforts for all the special people and pets that share your sanctuary with in your own new autumn Villa…

We recommended adding a tasteful glass of red wine–