Kruger National Park

Nestled in the north of South Africa is one of the country’s most famous regions, the Kruger National Park. This is the largest game reserve in South Africa and is internationally renowned for an astounding abundance of wildlife.

The Kruger offers visitors an exceptional game viewing and “Big 5” safari experience. Close to 2 million hectares of land stretches along the border to Mozambique and is the flagship safari of South Africa. Home to baobabs, elephants, lion, zebra, buffalo, leopard and teeming with birdlife, immerse yourself in the essence of Africa.  

  • The flagship safari experience of South Africa
  • Big 5, Ugly 5, Small 5 and Green 5 safari
  • Nearly 2 million hectares of pristine wilderness to explore

This is a place that captures the essence of South Africa where the diversity of life flourishes and landscapes reach from horizon to horizon. Within the Kruger National Park, discover your inner child as a sense of wonder is awakened. It is a land of adventure, of beauty, of life, of moments to cherish.

A self-drive destination, there are properties and agents with the infrastructure to make a visit here even easier for day trips or longer length stays. The remarkable reserve caters to all travellers with a bounty of experiences available.

Fever trees, acacias, marula, and mopane trees line the land and offer welcome refuge from the African sun for prides of lion, herds of zebra and buffalo, dazzles of zebra, troops of baboon, towers of giraffe, and leaps of leopard. Spend time exploring the land and discovering the essence of safari in Africa. Go in search of the Big 6 in birding or take time to find the Small 5. From ant-lions to larger than life elephants, the national park is an adventure from start to end.

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