A stay at an Icon Villas property is an experience that you never forget, one that is so exceptional you’ll insist on repeating it time and time again.

At Icon Villas we specialise in private property vacation rentals and we offer an amazing array of handpicked properties. Our focus is luxury villas and other beautiful properties located throughout South Africa.

We know – through our own extensive experience – that a villa stay is intimate in all the ways a hotel stay can never be. What’s more is that villa rentals, even the luxurious kind that we offer, often work out at a fraction of the cost of a hotel in the same luxury category.

At Icon Villas we are constantly working on improving and developing our offering. We have added the Icon Villa Collection to our already extensive portfolio. This collection showcases a selection of the most iconic exclusive-use properties in distinctive destinations around South Africa. Each property in the Icon Villa Collection offers an overall experience that we consider truly one-of-a-kind.

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