6 Reasons NOT to stay in Camps Bay

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Did you read that correctly? Is it a typo? Quell that confusion and surprise. You have not misread anything. Cape Town is so much more than just Camps Bay! The Atlantic Seaboard is often referred to as “Cape Town’s Riviera” and has become synonymous with the Mother City. Camps Bay especially has this magnetic pull… Read more »

Beach? City? Safari? Road Trip? Golf? So many choices, so little time.

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With a mountainous spine running the length of a peninsula that stretches like a crooked finger into the Atlantic, what we fondly call our “Mother City” is naturally the most popular destination in the country. Regularly heralded as one of the most beautiful in the world, it is naturally divided into distinct geographic subcultures –… Read more »

Cape Town Foodie Favourites

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Cape Town recently took third place in Condé Nast Traveler’s Reader’s Choice selection of the world’s best food cities. This got us thinking about our fave places for eating out, restaurants we still want to try, recommendations from others. All of which, obviously, led to a bit of Google exploring. And this naturally led to some Instagram scrolling. From all… Read more »

Christmas and New Year Villa Stays

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As the year rolls rapidly towards an end and we all express shock at how fast Christmas is coming around again, you may be pondering those holiday plans. Perhaps you were going to stay at home this year but are now feeling some wanderlust coming on. Or perhaps you’re now thinking of changing destinations. Either… Read more »

Christmas and New Year Villas

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Robben Isle Views

If you’re making some last minute plans to head to the Western Cape for Christmas and New Year, you may be having a bit of a struggle to find your ideal accommodation. It’s always rather ironic at this time of the year to hear that there is “no room at the inn”… but that is… Read more »

Consider a Concierge while on Holiday

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South Africa has experienced unprecedented growth in tourism during the past decade, and as a result the local tourism scene has become both more sophisticated and varied – from boutique wine estates to niche fashion outlets; Italian restaurants to sidewalk cafes; specialist spas to exhilarating local décor trends, a plethora of options awaits. Aside from… Read more »

Create a Autumn Villa at home…

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Nothing compares to having a sanctuary that we all desire to come home too after a demanding day at the workplace. With the introduction of the seasons change we realised it is time for the winter comforts to come out. We consulted interior designer Margaret De Villiers on how to transform our homes into a… Read more »

Escape to a Villa

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Perhaps it’s the views- a lush and verdant garden a cool Zen courtyard or a sparkling cityscape strewn below your feet like a jeweler’s treasure chest… Like to escape with friends to a luxuriously styled beach villa? Or reconnect with your children surrounded by nothing but an ancient and untouched wilderness? Walking into a spacious,… Read more »

Escape to the Cape

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We might be heading into Autumn in Cape Town, but this doesn’t mean the city is readying itself for hibernation. This is still a fantastic time to escape to the Cape as the event calendar is packed with exciting happenings. From food and wine to design and art to all-night partying. Whatever your flavour, this… Read more »

Eye-popping, foot-stomping, mind-bending fun…

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The doorman draws back the plush velvet curtain to reveal a woman on stilts, a cocktail in the one hand and a silk leash in the other, her large red ballgown matching the blush on her gaudily painted face. If that isn’t strange enough, at the end of the leash is a poodle on four… Read more »

Festive Season Events

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summer holiday

Holiday season is only a few weeks away! It’s time to start crossing off the days to office shutdown and working on the tan. While holidays should have a large dose of the spontaneous, some things should not be left to chance and may require some forward planning – and booking! Take a look through a… Read more »

Fight Night in Cape Town (calling all voyeurs)

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I’m not traditionally a big one for sports voyeurism. My motto has long been that if you’re watching rather than participating, you’re simply sitting on your backside, getting fat. When I travel abroad, however, I make efforts to check out sports that aren’t typically available back home. Baseball in San Francisco was an anthropological study… Read more »