Villa Highlight: Walloon Farm Homestead

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Located in Constantia, just 20 minutes from the Cape Town city centre, Walloon Farm Homestead is a beautifully restored historical villa. Its colonial style décor, farm-style kitchen, swimming pool, large outdoor entertainment area and an in-house butler ensures that Walloon Farm Homestead is unlike any other South African villa. Surrounded by the finest wine farms,… Read more »

Walking Distance from Your Villa

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Cape Town’s walking routes are becoming more and more popular as people realise just how much you can experience without needing to hop in and out of a car. Forget the car, the bus, and even the bike. Put on a pair of comfy shoes, sling that bag over your shoulder, apply some sunscreen, and… Read more »

What is a Villa Stay?

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Simply put a villa stay is one where you, and your family or friends, book the exclusive use of a property. This means that, when you stay in a villa, you don’t have to share the luxury with anyone! A villa stay is not just for the rich and famous. Villa rates often vary depending… Read more »

What’s Your Valentine Villa Personality?

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Champagne and romance

As we head into the month of all things romantic, there are often some surprise reactions to the mention of Valentine’s Day. Some unexpectedly dread it, while for others it’s the most exciting time of the year. But whether you’re energised or nauseated, you’re likely to fit into one of our personality categories. We’ve taken… Read more »

Why a Villa Stay?

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A villa stay, specifically an Icon Villas stay, provides guests with a few extras that hotels – no matter how luxurious – can’t possibly offer. The most important extra is the incredible privacy. You can’t get more private than a villa stay. Then there is the extra space for entertaining, the ability to completely relax… Read more »

Wonderful Winter Wonderlands

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From now, until the end of August 2011 is the ideal time to treat your romantic interest or love to that special stay in South Africa. Whether you’re in the mood for a crisp Highveld winter or a wonderfully wet Cape winter we are bound to have a villa, in our Icon Villa Collection, that… Read more »

“Feel it. It is here.” And gosh, have we felt it!

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Feel it. It is here… (along with Leonardo Dicaprio, Mick Jagger, Charlize Theron and poor little Paris Hilton) “Feel it. It is here.” And gosh, have we felt it! This was South Africa’s national broadcaster tag line during the 2010 World Cup, but it could very well become the country’s new tourism slogan. Thousands of… Read more »